recruiting out of the box.

a collaborative - digital - innovative
recruitment company

Recruiting out of the box

A Collaborative - Digital - Innovative recruitment company

Collaborative model

For every mandate we handle, our internal recruiters are supported by an external professional who is specialized in the same functional area - with a higher level of seniority - as the profile we're searching for. We call these external specialists "Scouts".
Our business model integrates and overcomes the traditional recruiting process. As a matter of fact, it is almost impossible to offer, within a Recruitment Company, all the technical know-how needed to value high-specialized profiles.
Therefore, our internal recruiters focus on the motivation and personality of the candidates and the external professionals deeply assess their hard skills.
Thanks to the collaboration between recruiters and Scouts, we are able to offer the highest quality during the whole recruitment process.

Rigorous Head Hunting

We strongly focus on digital Head Hunting and have the opportunity to do it at its best. More than anyone else! All of our recruiters dedicate more than half of their time to the headhunting phase since they can delegate the most technical part of the assessment to our external specialist, the Scout. Furthermore, we make an analysis of the clients' competitors and its employees. The headhunting process is made even more efficient by our exclusive Social Referral System: Thanks to the Scouts Network we are able to get in contact even with the most passive candidates.

Digital process

The moment where candidates seek for a new job and companies choose a new employee is one of the most delicate and cannot be managed by e-mail.
Therefore, we've completely digitalized this process. Every customer gets access to our process management application, which is accessible from desktop and mobile. Our technology makes operations like viewing resumes and profile reports, adding comments, asking for additional information about the candidates, simple and quick to handle. Furthermore, it's possible to easily share evaluations with the smartphone with all persons included in the process (HR and Line Manager, our recruiters and Scouts).
The time spent for internal and external updates gets reduces drastically due to this modern approach and technology.



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Our Scouts are the engine of our specialization: everyday, they apply their expertise and have specific and detailed technical know-how, thanks to their professional career paths. They are Line Managers, Team Leaders, Senior Developers, Sales Directors and Function Managers. Usually, they evaluate candidates for their company and make the last interview that leads to the choice of their future employees. They are able to certify soft and hard skills of their companies candidates.

We convinced them of our project and asked them to support us with their knowledge and network. The Scouts work side by side with our recruiters in order to find the perfect candidate for our clients and amplify our network.