Candidate Privacy

Candidate Privacy Policy
( "Notice")
(Version 00, May 2018)

Consequently, in order to use your CV, you must read the information found here and give your express consent to the processing of your personal data.

Owner and interested parties

R-Everse SpA (“Company”), whose details are given on the company website at (“Site”), in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data, as well as to the free circulation of such data and which repeals Directive 95/46/EC (“GDPR”), undertakes to protect the personal data (“Data”) provided by candidates (“Candidates”) (i) through the appropriate registration form on the Site and which is (ii) contained in the CVs that they upload to the Site and manage in order to make use of the personal search and selection service in conjunction with the collaborative recruitment system provided by the Company (“Service”).

Contractual arrangements

For the purposes of providing the Service, the Company establishes different legal relationships with several subjects (Candidates, Scouts and Clients), with regard to the contractual aspects of the Service. Please refer, therefore, to the relative contractual Terms and Conditions published on the Site.

Parties authorised to process the data

The Data of Candidates is processed by appropriately trained Company personnel authorised to conduct the processing, and also, with regard to the data contained in the CVs and to the candidates’ first name and surname, by the Scouts (“Scout”) who examine and select the CVs in order to assist the Company in the provision of the Service. The Scouts are trained and authorised to conduct the processing.

External responsible parties/Recipients of the processing

The data provided by Candidates may be processed by external responsible parties who carry out processing in relation to agreements entered into with the Company.
The external responsible parties belong to the following categories:
- Suppliers of CRM software and related support/maintenance;
- Legal, accounting, fiscal and employment consultants;
- Credit institutions.

The Company provides specific information on these responsible parties at the request of the interested party. The Candidate Data contained in the CVs may also be communicated to the clients of the Company (“Clients”) who purchase the Service, but this, in any case, must only be done with the consent of the candidates.

Personal data processed

The Data of Candidates consists of common data, which does not therefore fall within the definition of sensitive and/or judicial data with regard to the national laws on the protection of data, is not included in the categories of personal data of the GDPR and does it fall within the definition of data related to health of the latter (collectively defined as “Particular Data”), such as, for example, first names and surname, date of birth, physical address and telephone number (mobile number), email address and, in general, the information contained in the CVs concerning the professional skills necessary for the provision of the Service. An exception is made for the Particular Data that may be voluntarily inserted into the CVs by the Candidates themselves; the Company does not process any Particular Data for the purposes of providing the Service. In any case, Candidates are advised not to include any Particular Data in CVs (unless due to specific reasons related to the position sought or to other indispensable elements) and also to obscure the Particular Data contained in the payslips which may be requested by the Company during the selection process.

Purpose of the processing

The processing of the Data is necessary to allow (i) the Candidates to be registered on the Site, (ii) the uploading, management and cancellation of the relative CVs by the Candidates and (iii) the examination and selection, by the authorised personnel of the Company, Scouts and Clients, of the CVs of the interested parties, based on the offer of employment and/or specific selection requests. The Company does not carry out any further processing of the data contained in the CVs, the updating of which is the exclusive responsibility of the Candidate.

Legal basis of the processing

The processing of the Data is necessary for the implementation of pre-contractual measures adopted by the Company on the request of the Candidates (registration on the Site) and for the fulfilment of contractual obligations (allowing the Candidates to upload and manage their CVs, the examination of Data by the Scouts and the consequent communications with the Clients).

Data retention time

The Candidates may at any time independently modify their CV and obtain its deletion by sending a request to the Company ( Your consent to the receipt of messages with alerts can be revoked at any time. The Scouts process the Data of Candidates for the length of time necessary for the provision of the Service, under the conditions and within the limits provided for in the contractual collaboration agreement. Once the search and selection process undertaken by the personnel has ended, therefore, the Scouts are no longer authorised to process the Data of the Candidates and will not be able to access it.

Transfer of data abroad

The use of CRM systems or other IT systems for managing CVs may result in the transfer of data to non-EU countries. In particular, some of these CRM systems are at present provided by entities established in the United States and their servers. In these cases, the Company has verified that the service provider has adhered to the Privacy Shield; the transfer of Data is therefore carried out in compliance with the provisions of Article 44 and following of the GDPR.


Candidates can contact the Company or external responsible parties in order to exercise the rights provided for by applicable national data protection laws and by the GDPR (Article 15 and following), and, in particular, in order to access their personal data, request rectification and updating or deletion, or in order to request restrictions or portability, using the following procedure: A letter must be sent to the Company at the address indicated above.


Any Candidate who believes that the processing of the Data is in violation of the GDPR, may, in accordance with the provisions of Article 77 of the GDPR, lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority for the place in which the Candidate habitually resides or works or with a supervisory authority for the place in which the alleged data breach took place.

Updates and revisions

The Company reserves the right to modify and/or update the Informational Notice, taking into account any subsequent additions and/or changes to national legislation and/or to that of the European Union regarding the protection of personal data, or as a consequence of any further purposes of the processing of data. For this reason, the Informational Notice is published with a progressive identification number and specifies the month in which it was published, starting from the May 2018 version bearing the number “00”. The new version of the Informational Notice will replace the previous ones and will be valid, effective and applicable from the date of its publication on the Site.