Win the specialist talent challenge

What makes us different in talent recruiting

recruiting collaborativo

Collaborative Recruiting

You can always be sure to find real specialists. The network of professionals on which our model is based ensures we always speak the same language as our candidates and client companies.

relazione nel recruiting

Digital to be more human

We make intensive use of proprietary technology in our search and selection process, saving time to invest in building supportive relationships with candidates and clients alike.

recruiting digitale

Headhunting and Flexibility

We’re geared to the complexity of cutting-edge companies. We’re alert to what top candidates demand. And we understand the flexibility needed to achieve the only goal that matters: making the hire.

Time is key in recruiting

What our clients say

Every day we go out on the field to challenge the rules of recruiting and overturn them. Our weapons? Innovation and technology, along with sound values and passion.

The innovations of Collaborative Recruiting and digitalization, together with strong values and a real passion for our work, are what makes R-Everse unique. We’re a cutting-edge company that never stands still, continuously developing. But we’re more than our technologies. The values that unite us and bring us success are the timeless values of any thriving company: respect, a focus on talent and constant training.

Truly specialist recruiting thanks to a network of professionals in the same area as the talent you’re looking for.