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How it works and how to become a Scout

Who are the Scouts

Our Scouts are external professionals specialising in a particular field who work with us during the search and selection process. They have at least 10 years’ professional experience and have already been actively involved in selection processes within their company.
Scouts are people with a strong passion for their work and their industry, and they love to engage with candidates, discussing their skills, industry trends, new technologies and methodologies.

Be part of the change

Scouts are key figures in the Collaborative Recruiting method on which R-Everse and Reallyzation are based.
Whatever your profession, playing a key role in recruiting talent brings responsibility and a certain satisfaction.
As well as the remuneration, what you will take away is an experience that enriches you personally and professionally.
We will take you through the selection process, and your main task will be to conduct the technical interviews via video call, outside working hours.

How do you become a Scout?

The first step is to submit your application to be a Scout.
Once you are registered, you will be contacted by one of our Recruitment Consultants: we guarantee our client companies that the Scouts are always high-level professionals with experience in the selection of candidates for their area and with the ability to assess the technical skills of candidates.
It is therefore preferable that you have no less than 10 years’ work experience and have already taken part in recruitment processes in your company. It is even better if you have or have had experience in managing teams of associates.

Once you become a Scout it’s just a matter of waiting. As soon as our Recruitment Consultant has a mandate in which your experience can make a difference, we will get in touch. In these cases, promptness of response helps us to choose some Scouts over others. Time is one of the most important factors for our client companies.

At this point, you will conduct the technical interviews via video call, outside working hours.

You will perform various activities with us under the mandate: you will help us write the job description so that it appeals to candidates, you can suggest which hunting zones might yield the best candidates, you will perform the pre-screening of CVs with us, and above all, you will conduct the technical interview which will be the basis for a report on the hard skills of finalists. This way you can help us help our client companies throughout the selection process.

We now work with hundreds of Scouts throughout Europe. Here is the feedback from some of them:

The first time I worked with you was tremendously stimulating. It was for a senior position in a bank. Even though the workload was intense and I was doing interviews after eight in the evening, in the end we found the right person, and that really gave me a lot of satisfaction.

Franco Fassio, IT Project Manager

It’s people who make companies: finding the right person is one of the most difficult challenges for any manager. Being a Scout keeps you up to scratch on the multiple roles of the ICT world.

Samuele Gallazzi, Sales Executive

Still have doubts?

Read the FAQs and contact us in case you have any more questions!