collaborative recruiting

Collaborative Recruiting

collaborative recruiting

Discover a recruiting model you can rely on for real expertise in any field.

How do we do it? Through Collaborative Recruiting, a proprietary approach which means every R-Everse Recruitment Consultant is supported throughout the selection process by a Scout who’s an established external specialist in the area concerned.

If the search mandate is in the Financial Sector, our Recruitment Consultant will be assisted by a CFO. If the mandate is in Sales & Marketing, our Recruitment Consultant will be advised by a Sales Director. Watch the video to learn more.

Who our Scouts are and how we select them

We know that even the most competent Recruitment Consultant can’t have all the expert knowledge required to select specialist human resources. Which is why we bring in industry professionals to work alongside us.

Our Scouts are established professionals at outside companies, allselected in accordance with strict criteria: they must have long experience in the exact same area as the selection mandate, be team leaders and have prior experience of managing recruitment processes.

Each Scout works with us throughout the selection process, from drafting the job description to the technical assessment of candidates, providing valuable insights into industry trends, technologies and the related market.

An unrivalled candidate experience

Every candidate preselected by R-Everse has the opportunity to discuss their candidature and ambitions with a professional in their field – a specialist from the same functional area who speaks their language. This is extremely rewarding and significantly enhances the candidate experience in the first step of your selection process.

Digital has radically changed how we communicate, making it essential to engage with candidates effectively, especially when they have sought-after digital skills. You’ll only be able to hire them if you speak the same language.

Our digital platform asks each interviewed candidate to leave feedback on their encounter with our Scout and their answers testify to an effective, professional and rewarding selection process.

When we work on a mandate we focus on the goal, but never forget our client’s brand reputation is in our hands during every phone call and interview. Give your candidates a recruiting experience that matches their talent and your brand.

Digital empowers success

Digitalization is what makes Collaborative Recruiting possible. Our proprietary software enables us to work with Scouts all over Europe. Throughout every mandate, you’ll benefit from access to a simple and intuitive client platform that we use to collect and share comprehensive information flexibly at each step in the process, working in a way that enables more efficient relationship management without sacrificing any aspect of personal interaction.

The dashboard: share and organize your information

Included in the cost of the recruiting service offered by R-Everse is the use of its web platform for collecting all the information about the recruitment projects that we monitor for you. This platform is intuitive and easy to use, so easy in fact, that you don’t even need to register or remember a password. You can invite as many colleagues as you wish to access the platform for free so you can share candidate profiles with your company’s line (hiring) managers and collect their comments, all with a simple click. 

Here are a few more details about what you’ll find on the dashboard: 

Whenever we have new candidates to report to you, you’ll receive an email from us in which, with just a click and without entering a password, you can access the dashboard and view all the profiles and details. In this way, you can have all the information in one place, without having to deal with attachments and files.

digital recruiting

Via the dashboard, you can share the shortlist with your colleagues, share comments with them about the profiles and let us know your opinion about each of the profiles. The dashboard is both a point of connection between you and your colleagues, as well as a way to communicate with us. 

On the dashboard, you’ll also find more information about the profiles, information that is not on the CV but which we gather during our two interviews, the motivation interview (at which gross annual salary are candidates willing to change jobs, what are their expectations, what are their primary motivations for changing jobs) and our Scout’s technical assessment interview (hard skills, standing, etc.).

All candidate contact information is visible on the dashboard, there is no partial or hidden information.

Obviously, we’re always available by phone and email when you prefer to speak with us directly, but we’ll be sure to manage all the information clearly, right on the dashboard.

What our clients say

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