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  • How do I look for jobs with R-Everse?
    You can actively apply for one or more specific positions or register on our website. Filled positions are removed, so the only options shown are currently active positions.
  • How do I apply for a specific job with R-Everse?
    You can apply directly for an available position by clicking on “Upload your CV” on the same page where the job ad appears. The button is available for each job ad, at the top and the bottom. By clicking this button you will start the registration process. The registration process consists of two very quick steps: – sending your CV – confirmation of contact details
  • How does the interview with a Scout take place?
    The Scout is an expert in your field. Interviews with the Scout always take place online, via the web, with a webcam and a microphone. They are usually conducted in the evening, outside working hours, but exceptions can occur depending on the availability of the Scout. You will meet the Scout only after speaking with a R-Everse Recruitment Consultant, who will provide details about the position and the client company that tasked us with searching for personnel.
  • What happens if I cannot take part in an interview with the Scout?
    The Scout will try to arrange an alternative date and time for you, with maximum flexibility.
  • I don’t have a webcam – what can I do?
    To proceed with the selection process you should really get one, or try doing the interview with a smartphone, although the quality may not be ideal.
  • A Scout has invited me for an interview. What do I have to do now?
    You will receive an email from the system showing the time arranged: just click the link to confirm your availability for the interview. The appointment is now confirmed. There will be a video call interview via webcam, which you can access through a link at the arranged time. Are you not available for any reason at the specified time? Reply to the email that you have received: our Recruitment Consultant and our Scout will see it in real time and will suggest a different date.
  • How do I prepare for a video interview with a Scout?
    The same way you would prepare for any interview. On a technical level, to make the most of the interview: It is better to have a neutral background behind you, such as a white wall. Find the correct distance from the webcam so that you are framed well – not too far and too close. Make sure there is adequate lighting in the room. Remove any sources of distraction: mute or turn off your phone and avoid being disturbed during the interview. Remember that it is still a traditional job interview, so avoid any unprofessional conduct or behaviour.
  • I want to draw your attention to something about how an interview with a Scout was handled. What do I do?
    Within 24 hours of the end of the interview with our Scout you will receive our email request for feedback. You can put your remarks on the record. R-Everse is a personnel search and selection company that allows the candidate to assess the recruiter – the Scout. Always remember that opinions expressed about the Scouts are very important for us and for them as well, so please express your opinion fairly and objectively.
  • Will a Scout see my assessment of his/her job?
    No. They will only see the aggregate feedback for each mandate, in anonymous form and only after the mandate is completed.
  • How can I recover my password?
    Go to this page.
  • Can I be a Scout?
    Of course, you can read about the required skills on this page and then submit your application to be a Scout here.
  • How can I edit my CV?
    For each uploaded CV it is possible to change the title of the CV and the tags. If you want to update the data within the CV you must upload a new one and delete the old one.
  • How do I unsubscribe from R-Everse?
    To delete your user profile from R-Everse you must write to Within a few hours the account will be deactivated. In general, for any information on how we handle data you can visit the appropriate section here.