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  • What qualities must I have to be a Scout?
    Scouts are not direct employees of R-Everse but professionals with considerable experience in a particular area of technical expertise. They are team leaders, senior managers or prominent figures within their company. In addition to technical and managerial skills, Scouts must also be proficient in handling selection interviews. Apply to be a Scout, and we will assess your candidacy.
  • What do Scouts do?
    Scouts “certify” technical skills and support R-Everse recruiter consultants all through the search and selection process, from writing the job description onwards. Scouts are especially involved in the technical interview via Skype, outside working hours. Following each interview, the Scout prepares a technical report on the candidate. We will give you all the information needed to do this as best you can.
  • How do you become a Scout?
    First you need to apply at this link. You will then be contacted by our team.
  • Do I always have to be available if you want to assign me a job?
    No. There is no obligation. Our Scouts may have periods when other professional commitments do not allow them to work with us.
  • If I become a Scout, can I still apply for open positions managed by R-Everse?
    Yes, of course.
  • What kind of contract is used to employ Scouts?
    Each individual selection mandate is associated with a professional service. All general rules are defined in a contract (a Framework Agreement) that we sign at the beginning. With this Agreement in force and effective, individual assignments are generated – one for each assigned selection task – in which the methods of payment and execution of each of them are established in detail.
  • How does the assignment of jobs to Scouts work?
    When there is a job mandate available, a search is made for the most suitable Scout. The mandate is assigned exclusively: for each one a single Scout supports us.
  • Are there situations in which I cannot be a Scout?
    Yes. You cannot be a R-Everse Scout if this conflicts with your current employment or if you work for one of our client’s competitors.