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Hire now the best IT remote workers from all over Europe

We know that it is not easy to get used to hire somebody and never see him or her at his desk.

But remote working is more and more appreciated by companies of any size and field because of its great advantages in terms of efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Through Collaborative Recruiting we find for you the IT candidate who perfectly matches your needs, and you can onboard him/her on your project in a few days:

  • reliable and technically tested;
  • available now with a quick and effective recruiting process;
  • fluent English speaker and already used to remote working.

Why hiring a remote working IT talent

It is well known that remote employees are more productive as they focus on their job when and where they feel better, but this is not enough: there are a lot of not secondary reasons to choose an IT remote worker.

  • You have access to a wider talents pool: IT talents are rare and hard to engage, but by hiring them remotely you can find your talent in another city or country and open a clear and effective way of collaboration with him/her.
  • You reduce your costs in terms of office costs.
  • You reduce your employees costs giving them the chance to avoid commuting (and your environmental policies get great benefit).
  • Your employees will be more satisfied and engaged, and this fact leads to higher retention, less turn-over, positive word of mouth between talents.

Two collaboration options: Pay per Hire and Pay per time

With Collaborative Recruiting we find your IT talent in a few days, thanks to a digital and flexible process.

Once you have chosen your talent, you start working with him/her on your projects for the time you need.

You can choose between two collaboration options, depending on your necessities: Pay per Hire and Pay per Time.

In the Pay per Hire mode we run the recruiting process according to your brief, and present to you the best candidates shortlist.

If you choose the Pay per Time option, after the recruiting process we will hire the IT talent you need and onboard him/her on your project. You set skills needed, time, objectives and KPIs.

How can we assure your IT talents performance?

We run an always on feedback system to guarantee your total satisfaction of your talent’s abilities.

You can be sure that yout IT talent is correctly introduced in your project because we take care of the onboarding process and of the continuous training and improvement of all our talents.

How can we test their hard skills?

Every R-Everse Recruitment Consultant is supported by a Scout: an established external specialist in the area concerned. The Scouts collaborate with us from the very beginning of the recruiting process till the onboarding phase.

How do we give support in administrative issues?

We know that international contracts administration could be tricky: we’ll help you figure out the perfect solution for any administrative issues you might have (payroll, tax, contract).

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