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Each candidate deserves an expert: because job search is different with us

r-everse recruiting

With R-Everse you will experience a new way of looking for work: collaborative recruiting. Each candidate who takes part in our selection process is assessed by a professional from his or her field – the Scout.
For each position, our recruiter works with a special Scout so that you as a candidate can have a thorough interview with a specialist who speaks your language, who values you and understands everything about you, from motivational to technical aspects.

Let’s start: the motivational interview

In the first stage you will interact with ourRecruitment Consultant, who provides you with detailed information on the position, the company and the salary.
In this interview the goal is to understand if the position we offer is in line with your expectations. The Recruitment Consultant is on hand to provide information and to resolve any doubt, so as to establish a direct and transparent relationship with you and understand your needs, without wasting time on interviews and selection processes that do not meet your expectations.

The weapon for success: the technical assessment with the Scout

Before the meeting with the company, you will meet the Scout for a technical assessment: the interview will focus on the specifics of the position and the industry. We will thus be able to assess the technical expertise that a non-specialist would be unsuited to judge.
This moment is what makes the R-Everse selection process special. No other recruitment company will give you the opportunity to be evaluated by people who really understand your professional experience inside out, providing a high-level exchange.

Enjoy the best candidate experience

Here at R-Everse we are guided by the digital data collected at each stage of the process. After the interview, we will ask you to leave a feedback to assess whether it was up to your expectations. It is not mandatory, but the majority of our candidates are happy to share their experiences with us. This data accounts for the best candidate experiences ever known.

Here is some of the latest feedback we have received.

I am extremely satisfied from every point of view. I was put at ease right away and all the questions were asked in a clear and professional manner.

Marco L.

Great professionalism and authoritativeness in form and content. Congratulations!

Giampietro C.

Very empathetic and friendly interview. I immediately felt at ease and much value was placed on

the account of my experience so far, especially the parts that could be plus points in the interview with the company.

Alessandro G.

It really was a nice interview. It lasted long enough and I really appreciated the recruiter’s advice at the end;

he immediately understood my expectations.
Claudia T.

I found the Scout very knowledgeable in all technical aspects. I found the interview stages quite well organised. Congratulations.

Daniele M.

It was a truly pleasant and positive conversation with an expert who was able to grasp and evaluate all the professional skills needed for the job.
Francesca L.

The scout was very professional and created a very good atmosphere for dialogue. He placed a lot of importance on the human side; for me,

he proved to be highly competent and commendable as a person, not just as a consultant
Matteo N.

Good morning. I would like to congratulate you for creating this assessment test held by the recruiters. Not everyone can do it. As regards

my own interview, the scout was very polite and respectful, and even apologised for the connection problems encountered. The mood created by the recruiter made me feel at ease and all the questions were relevant to the position offered. Thank you very much!
Irene P.

Thanks for the flexibility: your colleague made himself available even on Saturday, since no other workday was suitable for the interview.
Luke B.

Comfortable conversation, made me feel at ease. Very relevant recruiter’s technical knowledge.

Andrea B.

Other advantages of job searching with us? Here are some.

  • Positions on our website: the open positions that you find are all real. No fake listings.
  • Feedback to candidates: we always leave feedback, even if the company decides not to go any further.
  • Easy candidacy: submit your application in a few clicks. We do not manage applications or send CVs via email because it is not in line with our candidate data protection policy.
  • Interview hours: interviews, especially the technical assessment with the Scout, are held via video call, usually outside working hours.
  • Data and privacy protection: data is processed according to GDPR legislation. We do not send CVs via email as we would not have control over candidates’ data and we do not send a candidate’s CV, even if it is already in the database, without having first requested further specific authorisation.

Win the challenge for your career.

The technical interview is conducted by a professional from your industry.