job reputation analysis

Job Reputation Analysis

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Thanks to the proprietary software we use to perform the search, we monitor all the activities we perform for you and collect information in digital format that is essential to succeed in every assignment we manage. The collection and analysis of this information is named Job Reputation Analysis.

This is a real market survey that presents a “behind the scenes” look at our work: how many and which candidates we’ve contacted, what motivates them the most to change jobs, who are your competitors for the same type of candidates and how much they are willing to pay for the same candidate. Our service thus includes not only a presentation of suitable candidates but also and especially the reasons why some candidates who are perfect for your need refuse to begin the interview process with your company.

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When will I receive the Job Reputation Analysis and what exactly will I find in it?

You will receive your analysis within ten days from the start of the assignment.

In it, you will find the following information:

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– A quantitative analysis of how many candidates we found and contacted according to the requirements you gave us (age, skills, distance from the workplace). You can see first and last names of all candidates. Of these, you can see how many responded positively and are interested in getting in touch.

– You will find an analysis below of the companies which are your competitors in searching for this particular type of person.

– Next we go into the details of all the candidates who expressed interest in a first meeting and who we therefore interviewed, telling them about the position you offer and trying to understand why they want to change: an increase in salary, career, etc. Even more interesting is to find out the reasons why some people are not interested in your offer: why do they refuse? What are the specific motives? Your brand, the location, the salary, the role, etc.?

Thanks to the Job Reputation Analysis we will be able to plan the right strategy with you to hire your talent. Only by basing our work on certain data collected by our software throughout the research process will we have the certainty of proceeding toward the goal in the right manner, and hiring the right candidate for you.

Technology at the service of relationships.