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Reallyzation for IT positions

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Are you an IT talent looking for a job? With Reallyzation you will only come into contact with companies that suit your needs, with no unnecessary interviews.

We are well aware of the difficulties faced by developers, software engineers and other IT specialists when it comes to job interviews: being interviewed by non-technical staff, job descriptions listing endless numbers of languages and inconsistent skills and not getting proper information on the technology stack that you will be using.

We have created Reallyzation as a solutionto offer you a different kind of job search.

A different kind of job search with Collaborative Recruiting

Reallyzation is also based on Collaborative Recruiting. You will be interviewed by one of our Scouts, an external manager working in your own functional area, who will take you through a technical interview and will be able to assess your expertise.

After each interview we ask you to leave us some feedback on the Scout – so we can be sure that we are always relying on professionals who measure up to our candidates.

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