Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Our Scouts, Recruiters and Technology work for you, in your offices or remotely.

This service is a solution that lets you devote all your time to business activities while a R-Everse team of Recruiters and Scouts takes care of all your search and selection processes. Thanks to our technology, you can always stay updated in real time about the progress of your candidates and about all the micro and macro activities that the R-Everse team carries out for you. 

If you select the RPO mode, more than one person will be working for you: R-Everse, its Scouts, its network of contacts and technology come to you. 

What are the benefits of this service?

Thanks to the R-Everse team with all its technology at your disposal, you can manage all of your activities without distractions, as well as successfully and effortlessly handle a large number of search and selection processes without problems, even if you have only a small staff.

You will also have a task force available to work autonomously while being under your supervision at the same time. You can view their work at any time, thanks to the technology that we provide to you.

Time and costs will be optimized. You will see a real and substantial optimization of time and costs from the very first steps of the process

Our team will know your company’s values and strengths, and will be able to communicate this to candidates in the most effective way possible.

You will also benefit from collaborative recruiting. You won’t have to waste any more of your highly qualified staff’s time by having them conduct hours of technical interviews, because our Scouts know how to evaluate the actual knowledge and skill of candidates.

What will we do for you?

Attraction and Sourcing

We will work closely with you to identify the right mix of Head-Hunting channels and activities to reach your target candidates.

Recruiting and Evaluation

We will identify a suitable number of candidates and shortlist them for you, optimizing the time it takes to fill the position. We will handle all stages of the recruitment and selection process, from screening CVs, to support during the interview phase and managing candidate feedback.


We will support you in a number of administrative and welcome activities.

Monitoring and Reporting: Job Reputation Analysis

We will keep you informed at all times about the status of the search in progress, so you can be constantly updated about:

• the candidates;

• the entire search funnel, with time indicators (Time to Make an Offer, Time to Make an Interview, Time to Get Feedback);

• all activities carried out by the RPO units involved;

• the market survey carried out with feedback from all candidates who do not wish to continue the selection process.

What do we offer you?

• A dedicated Full Time Recruitment Consultant at your headquarters or available remotely;

• A LinkedIn Recruiter Seat license;

• Two dedicated Scouts to provide technical evaluation of candidates in the pipeline;

• Priority access to our database of profiles;

• Talent Head Hunting aimed at your specific needs;

• Presentation of post-interview reports on the exclusive dashboard;

• Management of the interview agenda;

• Support or conducting of salary negotiations.

 If you need part-time support

We also offer a part-time RPO service. With the part-time service, you can use these services remotely and our team will work for you part time from our offices. You get the advantages of a dedicated team, but only when you need it.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information!

Success stories 

Among many others, Datalogic has benefited from our RPO service. We have recruited more than 80 technical staff members for their R&D division.

Datalogic is a world technological leader in the automatic data acquisition and process automation markets. For Datalogic, collaborative recruiting continues to be the key element in finding and technically selecting talent. With so many active searches, RPO has made it possible to optimize time and costs.

Choose efficiency and flexibility as your winning strategy