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Search and selection: how we work

A uniquely effective search and selection process

What happens when you give us a mandate?

We provide an expertly-balanced mix of technology and personal support together with unprecedented specialization to provide a significantly more effective selection process for companies and candidates alike.

We use our software to keep track of every stage in the process, so all information is fully traceable.

Digital technology empowers us to provide all the flexibility you need without taking our eyes off your end goal.

Every time you give us a mandate, we’ll provide you with a R-Everse internal Recruitment Consultant supported by a Scout who’s a specialist in the candidate area.

Here are the main stages in successful recruiting, as told by our own Recruitment Consultants.

Let’s get started: the groundwork

This step is crucial to a job well done: our Recruitment Consultant introduces themselves and goes into everything we need to know to take care of your mandate effectively, from your company history to the position to be filled, the context, and the challenges to be overcome. But it’s also a two-way process, with our Recruitment Consultant and Scout offering you all the benefits of their expertise and updating you on market trends.

This is the first time we get to experience your company from the inside, breathing its culture and noting all its distinctive features and strengths, which we will then relay to your candidates.

The key step: sourcing

We use the main job advertising platforms to find active candidates, but also go much further, deploying a technologically-advanced headhunting process for passive candidates, who are generally the most sought-after professionals.

This is also when we start building our relationship with each candidate through a motivational interview geared to understanding their underlying drive for change.

A crucial tool: the Job Reputation Analysis

When sourcing is complete, we provide you with a list of the candidates identified together with an insightful qualitative market survey presenting vital information on how many and which of the sourced candidates declined to go through the selection process and why.

Brand attractiveness and salary misalignment may both be areas for improvement. It is crucial to obtain that information.

This is the stage when we work together on the strategy for our next steps. We need to identify the talent best matched to the needs of your business, and that’s something which should never be based on feelings alone. So we collect solid hard data and engage in scrupulous research on the market concerned. This key stage lays the foundations for success.

The technology we use during sourcing allows us to track every response provided by passive and active candidates.

The Job Reputation Analysis is a powerful HR tool that equips you to achieve your goals. But it’s also a powerful tool for your company, collating the characteristics, weaknesses and opportunities identified during the search so you can disseminate awareness of them throughout the organization up to C-suite level.

Taking you closer to your goal: the motivational interview and technical assessment

Our Collaborative Recruitment process features two interviews.

The first interview takes place in the sourcing stage and is conducted by our Recruitment Consultant. The main goal is to establish whether the interviewee’s expectations match the position and project you have described. In other words, we want to understand why they want to change job, while simultaneously assessing whether they have the soft skills required by the position.

The second interview is conducted by our Scout before any candidate is selected to meet the client company. We ask the Scout to explore every aspect of the sector and corporate function of the mandate in detail. Following this interview, the Scout writes a report on the candidate’s technical competencies, assessed with respect to specialist details and long-term vision. You will then receive the Scout’s report, benefiting from the assessment of an established specialist before presenting the candidates to your company managers.

How our Scouts add value

A successful conclusion: feedback and negotiations

Our support doesn’t end when we present you with the best candidates. Because it’s in the final mile that our help can make the difference between success and failure.

At this point, the parties – client company and candidate – have met but not yet come to a decision.

Financial considerations are never the only key to completing the process successfully: it’s the details that make the difference.

Which is why we leverage the strong relationship we’ve built with you and the candidate to help you find where your interests converge, identifying the common ground where you can both agree to your mutual satisfaction.

Win over the talent you want