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Search and selection: we are R-Everse

Passion for recruiting, flexibility, resilience: watch the video to learn about the R-Everse team.

Alessandro Raguseo and Daniele Bacchi, with more than 15 years’ experience in personnel search and selection, are intent on innovating the sector with a new approach
In 2017 they created R-Everse.









The search and selection teams

These are the areas where the different teams work. Each one is covered by micro-teams coordinated by the senior executive, who deals with area performance and growth of junior figures.

R-Everse Managing Team

Daniele Bacchi


Alessandro Raguseo


Lorenzo Cattelani

Head of Sales

Valeria Iungo

Head of Delivery

Silvia Orlandini

People & Culture Manager

Beatrice Böhm

Marketing & Communication Manager

Federica Boarini

Team Leader D-A-CH

Daniele Donnini

Technical Manager

Jens Peikert

Team Lead DE

How did we become one of the top 10 players in the recruiting industry in Italy in our first 2 years of operation?

Daniele Bacchi and Alessandro Raguseo

Since the inception of R-Everse I have always thought of our company as a product. If we take a product – a smartphone, for example – it has to constantly evolve and is improved with each new version: battery life, speed, camera quality and so on. And for our part, we think the R-Everse company needs to be in a state of constant evolution. To translate this vision into practice in a service company, the first thing we did was to develop a rigorous process of collection, reading and analysis of digital feedback, going through all the important steps of the selection process.

We are feedback maniacs. Even today, after hundreds of customers and thousands of mandates completed, we personally read every bit of feedback that companies and candidates leave us at the end of each important step. We do it not only for quality control, but also because it shows us where there is room for improvement.

Our vision of digitalisation is based on two notions. On the one hand, digitalisation = oxygen. And on the other, we firmly believe that this is a human to human business. At the heart of recruiting there is something that digitalisation cannot account for. And it is the most beautiful, challenging and noble part of our profession: the human relationship.”

Alessandro Raguseo and Daniele Bacchi

Digital to be more human

Digital tools allow us to devote more time to relationships in the search and selection process.