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Are you looking for a new job? Are you interested in a career in human resources?
Come and join the best personnel search and selection process. At R-Everse you will find fully digitalised processes, a mind-set geared towards innovation, and international clients.

You’ll get to know both our brands: R-Everse and Reallyzation.

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Sales Consulting

When you become a member of the consulting team, you set off on a journey that will bring you into contact with dozens of companies each month, supporting them in the sensitive process of choosing the best people for their business. You will become familiar with their problems, from budgets to personal preferences, and you will find the right solutions for them and become their trusted advisor. Within the company, you will work alongside the recruiting team that guides the selection processes to completion. If it is your first experience, you will work alongside senior consultants to learn the refined art of sales.

Recruitment Consulting

Every contact with a candidate is a sensitive moment, which R-Everse recruiters manage with professionalism and passion. Your daily work has a real impact on the career path of many young people and managers, whom you will come to know so as to be able to offer them positions that suit their needs. You will also have direct contact with client companies, who know that we work every day to find people who will make their business grow. All this happens in a young and enthusiastic team, in which senior executives manage micro teams to ensure the growth of each junior member who chooses to join us. What is different about working in R-Everse?

  1. You will be supported by Scouts – a network of managers who conduct the technical interviews with candidates. In our model, each recruiter has qualified professionals with whom to assess your possession of the hard skills required by client companies. So you are not on your own and you don’t need to feign knowledge or pretend to be an expert, but rather concentrate on the job you do best: understand the motivations of candidates and clients, their expectations and their needs.
  2. You will manage all stages of the selection process; we firmly believe that in order to perform a selection properly, a dedicated figure is necessary. And you will not be tasked with finding new customers. In this way, you will have more time for selection and more time to provide feedback to all candidates.
  3. You will work daily with a proprietary software that helps you manage tasks, streamlining all processes and leaving you with more time to cultivate a relationship with the company and the candidate.


Berlin, Zurich and Vienna: the European cities where we operate. In Berlin we have an office in one of the liveliest areas in the city, with a local team working every day with German companies. Spain and France will be the next steps. Join the international team to build on the languages you are proficient in and be part of an exciting project.